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A circle to explore Holistic and Spiritual tools for Relaxation Healing and raising your Vibration among like minded people in a relaxed atmosphere


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Skylark Reiki Room

A sacred place to meet with like minded people for the purpose of learning tools for Healing.


We start all our circles with a meditation guided by The Honest Guys. The focus can be stress, Self Esteem, Relaxation or connecting with the Higher Self. These meditations are suitable for anyone including the beginner and over time will have a calming effect on your life.


A big influence on how we see life is spending time in nature. This is perfect for reducing Stress, depression  and anxiety but works best when carried out on a regular basis. Amazing places for walks and meditation are the beach, parks, forests, mountains, sacred sites and designated areas of natural beauty. The choice is yours.


Fire Ceremonies have many uses and we will start by using fire to get rid of all negative entities, negative events, trauma and negative behaviours from your past so that positive energy and love may replace them in the present.

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki will be used to balance each persons energy and Chakras and remove any spirit attachments that are present. This leaves the client with a great sense of relaxation and wellbeing. We will also do a Shamanic Journey to find our animal guide.

Floating Among the Stars guided meditation for sleep.

Meditations for sleep

Guided Sleep Meditation

Healing and deep blissful sleep

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Sleep Meditation

Take Time to Meditate‚Äč

Self Esteem.

Shamanic Journey to find a Power Animal.

Relax and Recharge.